Hi! My name is Shuyi (Sofie) Chua!

I am a freediving instructor who has a special interest in equalization education. This is because I had difficulties learning how to equalize when i first started freediving. Equalization Gym is the cumulation of five years of equalization experimentation and study, coupled with two years of facial massage and myofunctional therapy practice.

Besides instructing and coaching freediving, I also like to research and write about equalization.

Freediving Qualifications

  • Certified Apnea Total Freediving Instructor in 2020
  • Certified Apnea Academy Assistant Instructor in 2020


Competition Experience

  • Singapore Depth Freediving Championships 2018
  • Caribbean Cup Freediving Competition 2019
  • CMAS World Championships 2019
  • Singapore Depth Freediving Championships 2019
  • Personal Best – 50m FIM

Equalization Education


Sheena McNally, Canadian Record Holder, on my BTV Tutorial

“It was kind of like I was taking those muscles to the gym and giving them a workout and like with any workout, it takes time to build the strength and awareness. So it definitely took me some months but I figured it out… It is possible… I figured out how to make the motion or the click and overtime make it stronger, such that now it works. I have a couple of friends who are writing blog entries and tutorials…  Someone I met at a competition at Roatan has put a lot of thought and effort into this… She is a diver from Singapore, her name is Shuyi. So Shuyi, if you’re listening, I have read your tutorial and it’s awesome!”

Click to listen here: Sheena McNally, Freedive Cafe Podcast #85, 1:00:00

Adam Stern, Australian Instructor and Record Holder, on my YouTube Tutorial

“Well done Shuyi! It’s research and development like this that makes sure our equalisation knowledge doesn’t become stale :)”

Click to watch here: A Quick Method for Hands Free Equalization