1.1 What is Equalization Gym?

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Equalization Gym! My name is Shuyi Chua or you can call me “Sofie”. I am not medically trained, but I am certified as an Apnea Total Freediving Instructor. So why am I here and why did I create this course for you?

If you are interested in this course, you probably have experienced some issues with learning equalization. Even after taking a freediving course, with your instructor giving you specific instructions on how to equalize, you still struggle to perform it. You keep watching the same YouTube videos over and over again and practising in your room or in the swimming pool but when you go out into the open water and try, it does not work. You may feel discouraged and even start to think freediving is not for you.

I was once in your shoes.

The issue with freediving equalization education today is that instructors assume that everyone’s anatomy is the same – we all have the same tongue, same Eustachian tubes, same vocal folds; and the same ability to use them. And hence, if anyone does not get it, they are not trying hard enough.

But what if I told you that we do not have the same anatomy – not all tongues are created equal, not all lips are equal… and the ability to use these muscles optimally differ from one person to another. Could this be why some people pick up equalization so easily and quickly, while others almost never do, and there are so many variations in between?

In this course, I will work with you to help you understand your unique anatomy and help you self assess and diagnose yourself for issues. I will show you what is optimal functioning so you can tell where you stand in the continuum. Thereafter, I will teach you exercises, stretches and massages targeted at your weaknesses so that you can practice them to gain awareness of your muscles and improve their coordination, strength, and flexibility. Over time, you will also improve the neurological circuits of these muscles and optimize their functions.

Equalization Gym is a neuromuscular reeducation of the muscles involved in equalization. It is not the answer to all equalization issues. But because it holistically targets the important muscle groups involved in equalization, it can facilitate the learning of all types of equalization.

Through equalization-targeted myofunctional coaching, you can realise your equalization potential.