Equalization Gym Logo

Mark Cheung of Apnea 42, designed this beautiful logo for my website and course. Mark was one of my first instructors in Singapore and saw me from beginner, who could not equalize, to instructor, who teaches equalization. For awhile, I was helping to coach and instruct his students, and for that experience, I am so grateful. So he is not only a talented instructor, businessman, but an artist and designer!

So Mark explained the logo to me: The dumbbell reflects firstly the gym, a place where you discover what your body can do and train it for fitness. It also symbolises pressure, reflecting how a freediver puts himself under pressure as they descend the depths. And lastly it has the universal sound symbol which symbolises our ears, reflecting the goal of equalization – the safe release of pressure in the ears.

So welcome to equalization gym! A new way to explore equalization, through an orofacial myofunctional approach! Here, you will learn how to gain awareness of the parts of the mouth, self-diagnose restrictions in tongue mobility, increase range of movement and strength of the mouth and throat muscles, locate tension in your tongue, jaws and face and release them, and feel your craniosacral rhythm or the breathing of your skull.

You will learn that equalization is more than techniques for freediving, it is also a doorway to understand healthy functioning of the tongue – how to swallow correctly, where to place the tongue at rest for healthy functioning, how not to clench your teeth unnecessarily, and how all these are connected to systems of your body – your nervous, digestive system and musculoskeletal systems.

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